Hey, I'm Arsh!

I'm a product designer with visual chops and a passion for motion.
I excel at simplifying complex products and creating + evolving design systems.

Currently → Interaction Designer at Google

Recently → Senior Product Designer at data.world

Previously → CircleCINintendo

2023 • Product-wide feature

Shopping for resources

Designing an intuitive, repeatable bulk edit experience

2022 • Product area redesign

Bringing CircleCI Plans Home

Rethinking the plan experience from the ground up

2022 • 0 to 1 design

CircleCI Usage Controls

Adding cost management via usage controls

2020 • Product & visual design


Unifying a suite of tools for game developers

2019 • 0 to 1 design

Huggie Buddies

Bridging the gap between patients & loved ones

2017 • Visual design

Dub City Bhangra

Rebranding a dance team