Connecting homeless individuals to doctors.

ROLE UX + Visual Designer
TEAM Arsh Saroya, Yuki Asakura, Pari Gabriel, Jonathan Tran, Ryan Washburne
TIMELINE 20 hours (October 2017)


Facil is a mobile application that allows homeless individuals free doctor visits by utilizing cancelled appointments, with the intention that access to preventative care can prevent serious issues from developing.

Choosing a Problem Area

Through a design charrette, my team and I brainstormed problems in the finance, health, and transportation spaces. We chose to focus on health. Then, we identified users and settled on designing for homeless individuals.

Problem Statement

How might we help homeless individuals access affordable, preventative health care?


When patients cancel an appointment last minute, the time slots often go unfilled but the doctor still gets paid.
In a study of 421 homeless adults in LA, 94% owned cell phones, and 58% owned smartphones (Rhoades et al., 2017).
In Australia, 95% of homeless people have mobile phones, and 80% have smartphones (Reilly 2016).


Having identified that we could redistribute cancelled appointments to homeless individuals at no cost, we discussed which platform to use. Based on our research, we concluded that a mobile application would be feasible.

We then began wireframing screens for the app on a whiteboard.


Using Figma, we refined our wireframes to create high-fidelity mockups, as well as a presentation and elevator pitch to accompany our application.


After finalizing the design for Facil on Figma, we handed off our files to Ryan, our developer, who then built the app using React Native.